About Us

Hi, We are Emily & Ian

Myself and Ian first met whilst working in retail back in the early part of 2014,

I was a check-out chick and Ian a Kitchen & Bathrooms Designer.

Alongside this I was studying Photography at college hoping to one day become the new David Bailey!

Little did I know photography was also Ian's hobby and passion.

Shortly into 2015 our journey together began.

For the following six years I worked alongside three wonderful photographers capturing large worldwide corporate events and a bit closer to home, Weddings.

This is where I started to gain my knowledge and experience within the industry.

Within these years Ian continued and pursued his hobby. All of a sudden I had some competition and this was the beginning of the next and exciting chapter in our lives, a photography business that we can call our own.

Whilst trying to grow our own portfolio and make the business work, in 2018 we moved into our first place together, where we lived for three years before moving to our new home.

This is where we have converted a spare room, into a quaint and cosy little studio.

Garden studio? One day!

In March of 2020 Ian officially made me his fiancée and our own special day is approaching very fast!

We both love adventures, you will rarely find us without a camera strapped around our necks and muddy walking boots on our feet!

Our passion for photography just keeps growing and being able to help capture those precious moments in life is the biggest gift.